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NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

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NHC offers vibrant, informative on-line training in a wide variety of holistic modalities, including certifications in aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals.Read more.


Reflexology Classes and Certifications

It is the goal of the Reflexology Department of the Northeast Holistic Center to introduce reflexology in a manner that is understandable and practical. By introducing the techniques of manipulation in an individually supervised environment, the student is taught to easily identify proper approaches to working on either the hands, feet or body. Class size is limited to promote personal attention and clear understanding of the materials.

Through the progression of each class, the parts of the feet, hands or body are introduced in relationship to the appropriate anatomical systems: endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, central nervous and reproductive. In this manner, the student has a better understanding of the working of the body and how it functions. As the classes progress, the student then develops an ability to explain simple health workouts that the client can use to assist in their own healing/ stress reduction program.

We offer classes, lectures, and a certification course in reflexology. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, or contact us for more information or to schedule a lecture.

Reflexology Classes

Advanced Reflexology
Completing the basic Reflexology Certification will qualify the participant for another 25 additional hours for advanced reflexology certification. Each class will presents disease, disorders and advanced study in client evaluation to improve your practice. These classes are open to Certified Reflexologists only (with proof of certification).

Reflexology Lectures

The NHC offers a reflexology lecture. Please visit our Natural Healthcare Lectures page for details.

Reflexology Certifications

The basic NHC Reflexology Certification Program consists of twenty-four hours of classwork: Introduction to Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Body Reflexology. Each class consists of intense supervised experiential work throughout. Included as part of the certification process is one hundred hours of documented practicum and self-study. To conclude the certification process, the student successfully completes a written examination and a supervised interview and reflexology treatment session observed and evaluated by their teacher. Classes in Advanced Reflexology are also available on an on-going basis.

Reflexology 1: Feet
Explore the history of reflexology from ancient times to present day advances. Find out how zone theory developed into the mapping out of the body for present day reflexology and its referral zones.

Learn how to approach your perspective clients and what makes a professional atmosphere for presenting yourself as a practitioner. Find out easy ways of holding and working with your client's feet so that you are both comfortable during the hour session. Work with a simple technique that can tell you how sensitive your client's foot is to your touch, so that you can give her a relaxing, nurturing session. Experience the "thumb walk" and the "pinch & twist" techniques of accessing the reflex points in the feet.

Systematically learn about the different anatomy systems, their basic functions and positions on the feet. Work with appropriate techniques to stimulate these systems, and relaxing "desserts" that aid the client in releasing stress and opening up the potential for healing. By the end of the day, you have learned all the major anatomy systems and know basic techniques to work with them.

Your practical home study is working with your own personal approach to foot reflexology, creating your own foot reflexology charts and working with three clients for three separate sessions each, documenting your work in a professional manner. You then submit your completed work to the NHC and become eligible to take Hand Reflexology.

Reflexology 2: Hands
Prerequisite: Completion of Reflexology 1: Feet

The class starts with a relaxing reflexology session by your partner for the day, and then you return the pleasant experience. Individual supervision will assist you to refine your techniques or ask any questions that you may have had since the first class. New relaxing "desserts" are the first experiential work of the day. An expansion of your repertoire of techniques for working the reflex points of the feet is explored. Work with some of the finer reflex points often ignored by many foot reflexology books. All reflex points and desserts learned in foot reflexology classes are reviewed in detailed charts received in class.

The similarity between hand and foot reflex points is now investigated between through reflexology charts and hands-on experience. All the techniques learned for the foot are now translated into use on the hands. Ways of using the relaxing "desserts" are experienced when working with the hands.

As you will have learned in the introductory class that reflexology is never used as a diagnostic tool, or as a primary means of treating disease, you will be instructed in some typical patterns for working with disorders that can assist you or can be suggested to your client as a health workout.

The practical home study for this section of reflexology certification is to submit to the Northeast Holistic Center documented sessions on seven clients, with three sessions each - one feet and two hands sessions for each client, in order to be eligible for Body Reflexology.

Reflexology 3: Body
Prerequisite: Completion of Reflexology 1: Feet, and 2: Hands

A review of hand reflexology starts the day's experiential work for the class. Suggested workouts for common disorders are the next part of review of the reflex points on both hands and feet. Suggestions and limitations on working with the elderly & children are a part of the day's discussions.

Next, you work with reflex points on the body that can assist in the healing & stress reduction process. Areas of the head, face, back, legs, chest & ears are worked with during the class. These are all means of working with your clients through the reflex points and assisting the body to open blockages in the energy fields.

Once this third class is completed, home study working with thirteen clients for three sessions each one on the feet, one on the body and one on the hands for each client, as well as an evaluative written study of a Reflexology book, will complete your work to apply for certification.

Reflexology 4: Exam
The final process is a supervised client interview and private session, and written examination evaluated by your NHC Reflexology teacher.

For more information on Reflexology please contact us or view our calendar.



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