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HIV / AIDS Assistance

NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

Webinars with Vital Connection

NHC offers vibrant, informative on-line training in a wide variety of holistic modalities, including certifications in aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals.Read more.


Private Holistic Education Sessions

Private sessions at the Northeast Holistic Center provide a personal, nurturing, one-on-one atmosphere for your learning and growth. A practitioner from the NHC staff will assist you as you move through the healing process and will show the utmost integrity and discretion. Private sessions are available for a broad range of modalities and services. Travel to your home is available where indicated and is dependent upon your location.

Aromatherapy Private Session

Experience your own personal aromatherapy blend. Your practitioner will talk with you and discover your needs in healing, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. You will be taught how each essential oil can assist in your healing process. The proper method of application and use of your personalized blend will also be an important part of the session. Call for locations and fees. Cost of blend is additional. For more information on our private aromatherapy sessions, please contact us.

Channeling Private Session

Each of us is on his own life path of learning. Even though we may at times feel as though we travel alone, we are always watched over and escorted, as we experience the lessons life has for us. By conversing with your practitioner, you will discover what it is that you wish the Universe to assist you with. Then by acting as a channel, or conduit, your practitioner will assist you in gaining information and guidance through communication with Universal Consciousness. For more information on our private channeling sessions, please contact us.


Child Holistic Healthcare Options Consultation

Children too can benefit from the wide array of natural healing modalities available with Holistic Healthcare. After discussing with the parent such things as the child's eating habits, sleep patterns, and behavior, as well as any health challenges and history he or she may have, the practitioner will then interact directly with the child in an age appropriate manner. This interaction serves two very important functions: it allows for actual observation by the practitioner, and it empowers the child, by involving him or her in the healing process. The practitioner will then educate the parent as to the most appropriate holistic alternatives available to assist the child and the parent. For more information on our private sessions for child holistic healthcare, please contact us.


CranioSacral Therapy Private Session

Developed by John Upledger, CranioSacral Therapy involves the subtle manipulation of the connecting tissues from the spine, cranium and sacrum that extend to the muscles, organs and all parts of the body. This manipulation serves to bring the body's organs and glands into homeostasis, or balance, by assisting the nerves and muscles that control them to regain their proper activity. Once the body has reached a more balanced state, it can more easily heal itself of dis-ease, and regain its natural, healthy state. A gentle touch and relaxing procedure assist the client's body to regain balance. The practitioner interviews the client to determine existing conditions and pertinent information about the cause of the imbalances and then works to assist the client to their desired health goals. Call for locations and fees. For more information on our private CranioSacral sessions, please contact us.


Crystal Therapy Private Session

The use of crystals in the healing process is a practice that has existed for thousands of years. Once reserved for use in healing temples, crystal therapy has found a wide acceptance in modern society. Crystals serve as powerful tools for healing, because, unlike us humans, they do not as easily go out of balance due to the day-to-day stresses of modern living. In much the same way as the crystal in your watch helps to keep it running in a steady, regular rhythm, the appropriate use of crystals can assist the client in regaining and more easily maintaining their own normal, healthy balanced state. In a Crystal Therapy session, the practitioner will educate the client as to the appropriate crystal or crystals to best assist them, after discussing the wants and needs with the client. These can then be placed in the appropriate positions on the client's body, while they relax on a comfortable massage table. The crystals are allowed to remain in position for a specific amount of time, and then removed. If the client wishes, a pendant or other piece of jewelry can be made for he or she to wear, to continue the healing process. For more information on our private crystal therapy sessions, please contact us.


Enzyme Therapy Private Session

Content to come. For more information on our private enzyme therapy sessions, please contact us.


Family Holistic Healthcare Options Consultation

Since holistic healthcare deals with all parts of the person - Spirit, Mind, Emotions and Body, it is an ideal way to assist with the healing of all parts of the family. Even though each member of your family is a unique individual, together, you are all part of the larger body - the Family. Just as in our own bodies, the health of the family requires balance. When a disturbance of any sort, whether it is a physical dis-ease, an emotional upset, or a disagreement between family members, there is an imbalance in the energy, or health of the family.

A Family Holistic Healthcare Options Consultation can be of great assistance with restoring the family to balance and health, by offering information about the wide array of holistic healthcare modalities available, such as flower and gem essences, aromatherapy, hypnosis, regression therapy and past life regression therapy, to assist with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances; or homeobotanicals, Holistic Synergy™ energywork or CranioSacral therapy, to assist with a more physical imbalance had by one family member, and therefore bringing upset and imbalance to the family as a whole. Whatever the challenge, your experienced and highly trained practitioner will assist you in choosing the appropriate holistic healthcare options to best serve you and your family in the healing process.

In each session, you and your practitioner will discuss the current challenges, and healing goals you and your family have, and then educate you about options available. As appropriate, family members may be included in the session, in order to gain a more complete picture of the issue your family is currently dealing with. This also serves to positively empower individual family members, and bring greater unity and balance to the family as a whole.

For more information on our private family holistic healthcare options sessions, please contact us.


Feng Shui Private Session

The words Feng Shui mean Wind and Water in Chinese. This ancient science as practiced at the NHC has its origins in Tantric Buddhism. It has found favor in modern society as a means of assisting in bringing harmony and balance to the home, office, or even to the individual.

Feng Shui deals with creating a balanced flow of Chi, or Life Force around us, in order to achieve specific goals. These can be a peaceful, love filled home, a thriving and prosperous business, or any other goal you may have. During a visit to the location to be "Feng Shui-ed," your practitioner will discuss in depth with you what goals you have for the space. This will be followed by an evaluation of the space - its location, surroundings, colors, etc. are all considered, in regard to how they hinder or serve the chosen goal. If needed, "cures," such as the placement of plants or fans are suggested, to bring the Chi into greater balance and more harmonious flow.

Call for locations and fees. An additional fee is charged for travel of over 1/2 hour from the NHC. For more information on our private Feng Shui sessions, please contact us.


Flower Essences Private Session

Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor from England, discovered a series of remedies to assist with the healing process. He found through observation, experiments and the through intensive case studies that flower essences could assist in altering the emotional energy of the client and bring them into a place of homeostasis and health. He believed that most disease was rooted from emotional and mental upsets - imbalances.

A private session for Flower Essences consists of a consultation with a practitioner who assists you to determine what the imbalance is and then educates you about the appropriate remedy to assist in the eventual creation of emotional homeostasis and health. Cost of blend is additional. For more information on our private flower essences sessions, please contact us.

Power Flower blends are also available that address a variety of emotional issues.


Herbal Education Private Session

Herbs are nature's food. They are the foods that nurture and enliven the body, mind and emotions. Herbs can add nutrients to the body and assist in the healing process. When a body has the appropriate food/nutrients, it functions better. All diseases and imbalances are related to a lack of the appropriate food/nutrients or a toxic imbalance in the body. Herbs can also assist in detoxifying the body. Through education about these appropriate nutrients/herbs and individual can choose the correct herbs for their healing in an educated manner. A private session for Herbal Education consists of a consultation with a practitioner who assist you to determine what is the imbalance and then educates you about the appropriate herbs to assist in the eventual creation of physical, emotional, and mental balance and health. Call for locations and fees. Cost of remedies is additional. For more information on our private herbal education sessions, please contact us.


Holistic Synergy Energy Work Private Session

The healthy body is balanced in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. When "dis-eases" and "dis-orders" become a part of a once healthy body, it is essential to address the source of the imbalances. Because of the multiple levels of input that each person goes through on a daily basis, it is often very difficult to discern what caused the present imbalance. A trained Holistic Synergy™ practitioner can access the points of imbalance as well as the level (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) of the imbalance. Through the hands-on energywork of Holistic Synergy, the pracitioner can drain the blockage of energy (chi) and replace it with healing energy. Homeostasis can be set up and maintained once the client allows the issue(s) (dis-ease) to heal. The practitioner may also choose to incorporate other forms of healing work for the client to utilize at home to continue the self-empowering process (flower essences, aromatherapy, reflexology, holistic healthcare evaluation, journaling, etc.) For more information on our private Holistic Synergy sessions, please contact us.


Homeobotanical Therapy Private Session

Homeobotanical Therapy is a phytotherapy (plant-based) remedy that combines the nutritional qualities of herbal remedies, yet one thousand times less than standard Pharmacopoeia doses and free of contraindications. They also incorporate the detoxifying qualities of homeopathy but made at a single potency and free of inimical reactions. Homeobotanicals were created by Dr. Brian Murray in New Zealand. The thirty basic remedies stimulate healing in either an organ or a system of the body. Used singularly or combined, they can address the full course of the imbalances in the body and assist them to homeostasis/balance.

The certified practitioner will interview the client to ascertain the areas of imbalance and educate the client about the options to assist in bringing the body back to homeostasis. Once the recommendations are made by the practitioner, the client will then have the options to utilize the remedy to assist in their healing process. For more information on our private homeobotanical therapy sessions, please contact us.



Hypnosis is the state of awareness that is attained just before one falls asleep, or one experiences upon awakening from sleep. It is a more relaxed state of mind and body. In the care of a certified and ethical Hypnotherapist, one can access parts of the mind that are less easily accessed when the mind is stressed or filled with a myriad of thoughts. In this relaxed and meditative state, the client can alter habits, embed new positive ways of working or thinking, deal with self-sabotage, open up to limitless possibilities or just plain reduce stress. It is essential to realize that hypnosis like all other forms of healing works ONLY when the client really wants to manifest change. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis with a guide to assist you on your requested journey. A hypnosis session will start with an interview process to ascertain the client's desired goals in healing. Once the client knows what he or she wants, they will then discuss with the practitioner a suitable manner to achieve the client's goals. The practitioner will determine the level of Hypnosis that the client can achieve and the client's receptivity to the healing method.Call for locations and fees. For more information on our private hypnosis sessions, please contact us.


Iridology Private Session

The saying - "The eyes are the mirrors of the Soul" - takes on a new and greater meaning when one looks at the world of Iridology. The iris (the colored part) of each eye does reflect the potentials for the state of health in the body. The "left" iris reflects the "left" side of the body and the "right" iris reflects the "right" side of the body. The irises reflect the potentials for health. This means that it may show up a predisposition to disorders. Iridology does not state or show that you are sick or going to get sick. By knowing the predispositions to genetic weaknesses, an individual can meditate more when there are strong markings of "stress lines" in their eyes, or choose to do colon cleanses when there is a predisposition to a constricted colon. Iridology IS NOT a diagnostic tool for what is happening now in your body, but may be able to guide you to healthier options of foods, nutrition and life-style that could assist you to live a longer life.

If the client chooses to have a printed record of their eyes, an additional fee is charged; otherwise the practitioner will keep a computer record of the client's eyes for further use. For more information on our private iridology sessions, please contact us.



Massage is a wonderful way of nurturing yourself. Its benefits include improvement in circulation, digestion and elimination. NHC massage practitioners use only natural oils, blended to enhance the health supporting qualities of this ancient healing modality. At the beginning of each session, your practitioner will speak with you to learn what health or physical challenges you may be experiencing, and design a massage that will be best suited to your needs. If a special massage oil blend is required, requests can be made when setting up the appointment. Call for locations and fees. For more information on our private massage sessions, please contact us.


Past Life Therapy Private Session

Whatever your views on reincarnation, Past Life Therapy can offer you assistance in dealing with challenges you may be facing in the present. Sometimes called "Healing Fiction", this powerful tool offers the opportunity of gaining conscious access to the subconscious mind, where memories of everything you have ever experienced are stored. NHC practitioners are highly skilled in providing a warm and safe space in which to explore your past, in order to gain a different, healthy perspective on your present. In so doing, you empower yourself to progress on your healing path. For more information on our private past life therapy sessions, please contact us.


Reflexology Private Session

The nurturing touch of reflexology can assist you to reduce stress and achieve a soothing state of relaxation. Reflexology is healing touch to the feet, hands, head, ears, or body depending upon the practitioner's training and point of healing focus. Often thought of as simply Foot Reflexology, reflexology is actually working with points of the body that reflect the organs, glands and various body parts. As in the feet, these tiny little points access a positive healing response in the body. At the Northeast Holistic Center, a reflexology session starts with a relaxing foot or hand soak with essential oils of your choice. The practitioner will access the client's healing request and proceed with a reflexology session that can assist the body to support itself in the healing process. Sessions are available for a half hour or a full hour. Call for locations and fees. For more information on our private reflexology sessions, please contact us.


Regression Therapy Private Session

Inside of each of us are the memories of all the experiences of our entire existence. In regression therapy, we can gain conscious access to those memories in order to better understand issues occurring in the present. Each person's perception of issues from childhood influence how they respond and react in the present. Often these perceptions have been tainted by childish fears or undeveloped thought processes. Through Regression Therapy, the individual can add an adult perception of the event and create new possibilities of response and choices in life.

Each session starts with careful questioning by the well-trained practitioner to assist the client to achieve the client's healing and growth process. The practitioner will also determine the client's ability to visualize and work in a hypnotic state. The session will then proceed to assist the client in accomplishing their goals for the session. For more information on our private regression therapy sessions, please contact us.


Tarot Private Session

Most of us have questions at some time in our lives. An Intuitive Tarot consultation offers you the opportunity to gain both spiritual and practical guidance in dealing with the lessons you are at present experiencing in life. This information is given from a loving, supportive and non-judgmental point of view, and is offered to better assist you in achieving your goals and getting where you wish to be in life. For more information on our private Tarot sessions, please contact us.

What is a Natural Healthcare Evaluation?

It is important to address all aspects of life that affect keeping the body, emotions, mind and spirit in a healthy, balanced state. Because of the stressors of society, job, home, family, finances, etc., it is easy to upset that balance. Most people are unaware when imbalances affect the body, much less the mind and emotions.

In the Natural Healthcare Evaluation, the Master Health Care Practitioner addresses all levels of health and how they affect each other. If the emotional is out of balance, all other levels of health can eventually follow. The practitioner will assist the client to review his/her health on all levels, assess what needs to be addresses first and then long term, educate the client on healthier options of dealing with the life stressors and set out short and long term protocols necessary to make the appropriate changes in a manner that can fit into the client's life style and desired goals. Homework will be suggested to the client so that they have actual goals to attain before the next session. The client will then be directed to the modalities of healing that will best assist over the next year.

Start your healing today... contact us for a private natural healthcare evaluation.


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