Northeast Holistic Center

HIV / AIDS Assistance

NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

Webinars with Vital Connection

NHC offers vibrant, informative on-line training in a wide variety of holistic modalities, including certifications in aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals.Read more.


Northeast Holistic Center Mission Statement

Self-generated health, peace, joy, abundance and prosperity are the educational and healing goals of the Northeast Holistic Center (NHC) and its staff. The Northeast Holistic Center exists in service to educate each individual in identifying, creating and maintaining his or her own level of homeostasis within the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Through the use of natural and traditional (complementary) therapies, a personalized educational health program is developed. The process of health and healing is a process of re-education, giving gentle guidance from a lifestyle that has caused disease or upset to one that, although different and maybe a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, creates health and happiness for the long term. It is through the co-operative effort of the practitioner's teaching and the student/client's willingness to change and dedicated involvement in his or her re-education, that healing happens. It is the student/client that does the healing in his or her own way, and the practitioner who imparts the information to assist in this healing.

In 1990 the NHC was founded as a place to study and experience many forms of holistic disciplines. The Northeast Holistic Center is a 501C-3 non-profit education-healing ministry. The seminars, lectures, healing circles and private sessions, by the practitioners and staff of the NHC, teach an individual to be responsible in deciding how and when the healing and education process happens. The philosophy of the NHC states that all healing and education occurs in four interconnected levels of energy - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For the healing/education process to be complete, the individual gains awareness and experiences it on each of the four levels separately, and eventually interwoven as one.

All fees listed are recommended donations to a non-profit organization. Some form of equal, appropriate and agreed upon energy exchange must be performed in order to maintain the self worth and self esteem of the client.




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