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Are You In Terror Over Terror?

NHC newsletter

Have you noticed lately the media, newspapers, and people around you all talking about the same thing lately? This topic of terrorism has elevated to the point that this is all that seems to be on everyone's mind. Everywhere that we look seems to be another way to tighten securities, being more fearful of living our everyday lives, or just causing people to buy into being in fear. WHY? The more we allow this energy to manifest daily and moment by moment, the more people are putting this energy out there in every way possible! Here is an easy, almost comical solution: STOP IT!!!

I am reminded of a Saturday Night Live skit where Bob Newhart was the guest reliving his situation comedy. A woman came to him going on and on about how everything was going wrong in her life. You name it! She mentioned it! Bob calmly told her to write down the advice he was about to give her on a piece of paper, and that this will solve all of her issues and problems. He also said that it would only cost her a mere $5 for the session. He simply said "STOP IT!!" He said this at least two more times after the woman was in disbelief of how easy the solution was! The third time went into a more comical part of the skit with a witty ending, but the solution was very clear!

We are continuously buying into the media and allowing the negative energies to control our thoughts, feelings, actions, words, and emotions! Do we really want the feeling of terror and the actions that are associated with it to control everything around us? Would we rather be in control of our way of being by choosing other alternatives? I personally believe that we ALL have the ability to choose our thoughts, words, actions, energies, and emotions. If we CHOOSE to be in terror, then we will be! If however we CHOOSE to ignore negative press in every form, then we CHOOSE to be in control of the present situation in love rather than fear energies. By choosing this alternative, one can be amazed at how the energies around you can change! Imagine what would happen if we ALL chose to change these terror energies!! I challenge you to take this as an opportunity to embrace positive energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words. The more that we manifest these positive energies, the more in control we will feel of our lives and of additional energies around us on the planet.

Remember the old saying "Actions Speak Louder Than Words?" Well, let's experience this first hand! Do something personally to change the feeling of terror on the planet. This can be ANYTHING that you CHOOSE to DO, POSITIVELY! Meditate; Exercise; Change your eating habits; Phone a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while; Make up with your husband, wife, or lover; Play with your dog or kittie; Say "I Love You" to some one and actually FEEL and mean it; Be positive for an entire day, and then for a week, month, many months, etc.!; Smile all day and bring positive feelings to yourself and all those around you!; Are you getting the idea?

Recently, I came across a book about feelings and emotions at the suggestion of some dear friends and how profound the effects of this reading material can be. I must say that only having the book a few days and reading quite a bit of it, I have found the results to be astounding! Just by tapping into feelings though true positive emotions, the energies around me have completely changed! People are laughing, kids are doing better in school creating music (I'm a music teacher), and the overall feeling of positive energy is flowing easily and effortlessly! This is FANTASTIC! By all of us tapping into this positive emotional state, I am convinced that the terror feeling with all of its connotations will eventually disappear. LET'S ALL DO IT! Remember, "actions speak louder than words!"

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