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Recovering From Severe Illness

NHC newsletter

Four years ago, I broke my spine in two places. It has been a painful journey to recovery. It has been filled with lots of love and healing from those who really care, as well as exploring a lot of new knowledge in how the human body and psyche works.

But before I go into the road to recovery, I want to share one other interesting observation that hopefully you will be free of ever experiencing. It is amazing how many people judge and condemn since I am a healer. How could I have this happen to me? What did you do in a past life to bring this to you? You are going to suffer from arthritis and be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. What do you do sit around and eat all day - Look at all the weight you have gained. Why don't you exercise? I share this aspect since one of the hardest things to do when you are on the road to recovery is to stay out of your own personal self-judgments. I have found that when judgments came from other people - no matter how "caring" or cruel, some place in my mind there were similar self-judgments going on.

I was blessed with wonderful people and healers to assist me on my path. The path though is challenged, or should I say limited, by what the person believes to be their limitations. If I had chosen to believe what the doctors in the hospital said -"you are just going to have to live with the pain" - then that is where I would be. But through the process of homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, reflexology, and a devoted husband and dedicated friends, I am free of pain - unless I overdo it.

Overdoing it and wanting to be healed NOW, is the greatest challenge in healing. It is essential to keep working at your healing, BUT you must also have patience and give the body the time to do its healing work. It is amazing how much the body can take and recover from, if we just allow it the time to heal.

After being free of the physical pain, I chose to work on re-activating my metabolism and rid myself of a systemic candida infection. This brought a new level of learning patience and trust in God and my body's healing process. I was covered with 5 different types of rashes - oozing, bleeding, itching, painful, swollen, pusing - you can't imagine. I chose to homeopathically cleanse out all of the poisons that had accumulated from birth onward to 56 years later. As a child, I was sick a lot and given a lot of medications as well as have been bitten twice by the deadly brown recluse spider later on in life, the healing process has been a difficult one. I chose it and am willing to eliminate all of the poisons so that I can assists others in their healing path.

Have patience; work with great health care practitioners; and trust in your body's own wisdom. You can get through some of the worst possible health challenges and come out healthier than before.

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