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Changes in Perspective

NHC newsletter
May 5, 2003

Change is considered very difficult to many people. Yet, there is really very little in life that really changes. What does happen is a repetition of a pattern from a different perspective. Growth is said to be change, yet again growth is simply being able to experience a situation, belief system or whatever from a different perspective. So then, is there ever really any growth or change in one's life?

Consider this then. From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we are still in the same body. Yes, there has been physical changes in our appearance. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually we have grown and are different. BUT, we are all still the same entity that we were when we were born. Our bodies are said to totally regenerate every year. So then, why do we maintain the scars or problems that affect us all of life, or for that fact all of the good traits that we have. How come we never seem to lose them? If we grow and change our perspective so much, shouldn't we be able to heal what we don't like and enhance what we do like?

Take a look at climbing a very high mountain. What is the experience like? We start at the bottom all energetic and anticipatory of what lies ahead. As the days of climbing pass, we still enjoy the beauty and wonder, yet we can look back at where we were and look forward to where we are about to go. When we finally do reach the top, we must make the choice to go down or to stay on the top. Hopefully with enough food and necessities to sustain our needs. Have we changed while climbing that mountain - Yes and No. We have a new perspective about everything that we have seen and experienced, but we are still the same person that started at the bottom of the climb. Are we still filled with that enthusiasm and anticipation?

Is it possible then to approach ever change in your life as that glorious opportunity to climb a new mountain and experience all the different levels of awareness of that climb from the same joy and anticipation as the first short walk up the mountain and realize that all of life and all of life's changes are purely about how we choose to preceive what is before, behind or with us?

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