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NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.


natural healthcare products

The NHC offers a full line of natural healthcare products to its clients. We are pleased to highlight our flower essence blends, Power Flower Focus Formulas (PFFF).

The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

Flower essences have assisted many people in their pursuit of healing and growth. The power and focus of working with flower essences is to address the most overwhelming issues that are upsetting to a person. This is self-limiting as most people do have multiple issues and rarely focus on the most debilitating aspect of their life. The “Awakening Blend” that was created was so successful and purchased by so many people that this encouraged the creation of more blends. This started a line of these blends called PFFF (PF3).

These PF3’s are carefully selected blends from several flower essence companies that have a fine focus on a particular issue that is faced in daily life by certain people. The line’s name is derived from the philosophy that many flower essences can be included in a blend as long as they focus on the specific reason for its existence. When I first started learning about flower essence several years ago, the prevailing idea was that a blend should only have about seven or so remedies in it to avoid upset. These blends usually used flower essences that dealt with various emotional states that had little or no relation to each other. If someone is dealing with seven or more emotional different issues at the same time, it’s like juggling many balls in the air at once.

Lastly, it is important to note that all flower essences have no side effects or contraindications. If a flower essence is not for you, it will have no effect.

A Clown's Tears

This blend has been designed to assist people who refuse, or are incapable of, expressing their upset to others, or who are out of touch with their feelings. They may smile as if they haven’t a care in the world, even though those around them may know or suspect differently. When asked how they are a typical response may be, “I’m fine." Read more

Abundance Abounds

This remedy can assist when a person feels that there is a lack in their life. Based on the name of this PF3, many would assume that it relates to wealth and money. This remedy deals with the feeling of lack on a far greater scope. Money is just one of many things that people desire and may feel a lack of in their lives, and thus focus on its lack. People may desire a more desirable career, more and better friends, a nice place to live, or to be happier and more at peace with themselves. Read more

Begin the Healing

The PF3 blend "Begin the Healing" deals with all aspects of shock and trauma on all levels of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Many people believe that shock and trauma can only occur on the physical level, but it can and does occur on all of them. Read more

Creating the Power Within

This remedy deals with instances where inner turmoil and frustration can build to an intensely critical point. During times such as these, those involved generally are reacting instead of responding and this can lead to self-defeating choices. Read more

Embracing Infinite Possibilities

"Embracing Infinite Possibilities" deals with trust: trusting yourself, trusting others, and trusting the Universe. When a person trusts on all levels, he or she embraces infinite possibilities. The person is now open to receiving all good things in their life. Read more

Emotional Stability

“Emotional Stability” can assist when a person feels anxious and/or depressed. This is one of the earlier PF3 remedies and is unique In that it focuses on two issues instead of one. They are very closely related as anxiety many times can lead to depression. This blend covers all aspects of anxiety and depression. Read more

Exploring Your Inner Vision

This remedy deals with all aspects of consciousness and awareness. It contains forty-two flower essences from several different flower essence companies. This blend has been designed to deal with consciousness and awareness of self, others and the universe. Consciousness and awareness are somewhat different concepts. A good way to describe consciousness is to display it at its highest level, which would be to be one or connected with all that is. People have different levels of consciousness, and growth oriented people are in the process of working to elevate their level of consciousness. Read more

Personal Harmony

This PF3 focuses on assisting you to maintain an even keel in your emotional life. It was created to help a person live their life with less of the powerful up and down mood swings that can contribute to great upset and a less productive life. “Personal Harmony” energetically assists a person to create a positive emotional balance in their lives. It gently and powerfully, helps an individual to create harmony in their life and to feel hope about themselves and their future.

For more information on the PF3 Flower Essence blends, or to schedule a private flower essence session, please contact us.


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