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HIV / AIDS Assistance

NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

Webinars with Vital Connection

NHC offers vibrant, informative on-line training in a wide variety of holistic modalities, including certifications in aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals.Read more.


Natural Healthcare Lectures

The following natural healthcare lectures are available for presentation in the New Jersey and New York area. Rates available upon request. For more information on our lectures please contact us.

Alternative Healing for Pets
Learn how to work with your pets naturally on all energy levels - physical, emotional mental and spiritual. What foods are best for your pet? Did you know that you can use flower essences to calm your pet's emotions? How about using a crystal in your pets favorite sleeping place to assist in their healing? Learn natural ways to health for pets!

Angels In Your Life
Are there really angels? Do you have a guardian angel who guides you daily? How many types of angels exist and what do they do? Do all religions believe in angels? What are the myths and folklore that support the existence of angels and guiding spirits? Can you speak to your angel and ask for help? Learn about the possibilities. Play with your angels in a guided meditation. Aromatherapy: Learn about the ancient healing art of aromatherapy and the therapeutic value of essential oils. Audience members will learn how to incorporate aromatic essences into everyday living for improved health and spiritual growth.

Learn about the ancient healing art of aromatherapy and the therapeutic value of essential oils. Audience members will learn how to incorporate aromatic essences into everyday living for improved health and spiritual growth.

Auras: What Color Is Your Rainbow?
Do you know what an aura is? Does everybody have one? Can they tell you if you are healthy or upset? What does the color of your aura say about you? Is it always the same? Are humans the only beings who have auras? Seeing auras may help you have greater awareness of the health of children and pets, and even to know if that house you're looking at is right for you. Is this the time to ask your boss for a raise? Looking at his/her aura may easily tell you. Experience practical steps to begin to see auras on your own.

Chakras - Working With
What is a chakra? How can I get one and what do I do with it? These spinning wheels of light and energy reside in all of us. Some traditions speak of seven chakras, other of hundreds. Here we will delve into these powerful energy centers and their use and purpose in everyday life.

Channeling: Radio Free Spirit
Enter a world of unknown realities! Explore the hidden realm of spirit guides, guardian angels and higher consciousness. Learn and experience ways to communicate with your spirit guardians to gain guidance and assistance.

Creating Healthy Relationships
Do you want to know why you repeat the same relationships over and over? Discover the learned behavioral patterns that keep you attracting the same type of relationship. Become aware of the importance of trust, open communication, intimacy, respect, commitment and honesty in the creation of a healthy relationship (with anyone, including yourself). Identify what a healthy relationship is to you!

Creating Positive Thoughts Everyday
Our discussion includes basic concepts of NeuroLinguistic Programming, including negative and positive stimulus response and body language. Find outhow creative visualization can change your reality. Learn how everyday words can sabatoge your communications with friends, family and co-workers.

Crystal Medicine Pouch
Explore the potential healing qualities of easy to obtain stones, such as amethyst and rose quartz. Learn practical uses of stones and how they can assist in your healing process. Suggested crystal remedies for common ailments will be discussed.

The Crystal Oracle
Guidance from the World of Crystals and Gems Crystals and gemstones all have their own energies and stories to tell. Caroline and Maia have created "The Crystal Oracle" in order to use the stones' special energies to guide you on your future path. Each set of "The Crystal Oracle": "Apprentice," "Journeyman," and "Master," will open new doorways to deeper inner knowledge and guidance for your life. Come and experience the knowledge of the stones and how Maia and Caroline can guide you on your life's journey.

Dowsing: The Mysteries Within
Open your inner consciousness of mind and body to the true secrets of your soul. Find out how and when to use a pendulum and divining rods to access hidden knowledge of your subconscious mind. Through continuous work with a pendulum and practiced detachment, you can learn to discover what your inner self knows is the best course of action or choice for you.

Do You Believe In Magic?
Well I Do!: Explore the possibility of creating your own reality. Bring magic into your life through joy, abundance, prosperity and love. Have you ever wondered if magic really exists? Or if fairy tales might have some basis in reality? Do you know someone who has everything they want? Find out what might be at the bottom of your not having what you want, and how you CAN "have it all"!

Learn ways to remember and interpret your sleeping dreams, and to use your dreams for personal growth. Get some practical hints on how to fulfill your daydreams and discover ways to achieve your fantasies! Use your dreams as a means to heal. Explore answers for your waking state.

Drug-Free Options for Aches & Pains and Other Winter Disorders Through Homeopathy
Explore the world of Homeopathy as an option to the aches and pains of arthritis to snow shoveling. When time permits, a presentation of possible remedies for other winter ailments will also be included. Homeopathy is a time-honored and non-toxic means of maintaining and creating health. Find out what it has to offer for you.

Energy of Color in Jewelry-Making
Did you realize that the color of the jewelry or stones that you wear can influence your mood and enhance your energy levels, health, prosperity and or even relationships? Learn how color can affect your life and how to use it in making your own personal jewelry.

Expressing Your Emotions
Are you expressing your emotions in a responsible manner? Know that when it comes to being emotional about something that you care about, your little child can come out and revert to old inappropriate behaviors. Techniques to becoming responsible and effective in expressing ANY emotion are discussed.

E.S.P.: Extra Sensory Perception
The goal of this lecture is to de-mystify this age old topic. A discussion of personal experiences with such things as deja-vu, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and psychometry is open to the audience. A demonstration of "message bearing", a form of ESP in which the lecturer gives messages from spirit, is a part of this lecture.

Feng Shui
The Art of Energy Flow in the Home And Office: The ancient art of geomancy - how objects are arranged and how the energy flows, is explored. Feng Shui gives you simple remedies to make your life more prosperous, to have better relationships and more, by altering the placement of furniture in your home and office.

Feng Shui Revisited
Look at the ancient art of placement to: (1.)assist you to focus the energies to ensure a better relationship, (2.)bring you greater wealth, (3.)help your career, (4.)assist in your health and healing process, (5.)bring people into your life to assist and support you in all that you want, (6.)get the acknowledgment that you deserve for the work/things that you do, (7.)bring your family closer together, (8.)assist your creativity or help you to have children, and (9.)help you to access your inner knowledge and awareness. Learn about simple changes in a room, house and/or property can guide you to all that you want.

Flower Essences For Emotional Healing
Bach Flower Essences are world renowned for soothing emotional upsets. Now many other companies have expanded the number of remedies from flowers that can assist your emotional healing. Learn about this wonderful way to bring balance to your emotional upset. Bring emotional harmony and peace into your life. The Flower Essence Certifcation Course includes 24 three hour classes exploring the flower essences of Bach, FES English Set, FES North American Set, Alaskan FLower Essences and Lila Devi's Master's Flower Essences. Please call or e-mail the NHC for information about time, date and cost.

Future Lives - Past Karma
Ever wonder how what you do today can affect you tomorrow, or even better - the next time around? Open up new possibilities to healing, heredity and self discovery. Learn how you are the one who is setting up your gifts, talents and learning lessons for the next time. Explore a future life progression to discover what it may be like in your next life.

Grandma's Remedies
Grandma always recommended chicken soup to cure a cold, and scientific research now proves that this is an effective remedy! Learn about time honored remedies for common maladies that come from your kitchen, and from simple exercises you can do yourself. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, garlic and castor oil!

Grandma's Remedies 3
Pets, Plants, Children And Other Pests: Grandma's up to her old tricks and is tackling the pesky problems of pets... what to do about fleas? Worms? How to clean up after them? How do you keep pets out of the plants? And how do you tackle the pests in the plants? If you're not bugged enough already, what do you do about what's buggin' your children? Grandma has natural remedies for them.

Healing Addiction
Are you any more willing to release those addictive patterns than the person who is addicted to alcohol or nicotine? There are many types of addictions. This lecture explores the basic concepts of some of them. Experience a basic Neurolinguistic Programming- NLP exercise that will assist you in discovering new ways to deal with old patterns.

Herbal Medicine Pouch
Learn about the traditional uses of common medicinal plants, as well as the uses of infusions, teas, tinctures, salves, and other herbal healing preparations. Learn about alternatives for aspirin to cough syrups and other medications.

Herbs For Men's Health
Herbal healing is often thought of within the realm of the woman healer. Surprise! The history of herbal medicine is filled with great male Native American Shamans & ancient Chinese Male Healers. MEN: It is time for YOU to know and feel comfortable with which herbal remedy is best for you!!!!

Herbs For Women’s Health
Menstruation, Pregnancy and menopause - three aspects of herbal healing that are purely for women!!! Free the teenager from experiencing painful periods in a natural way. Learn about natural ways to assist in an easier pregnancy and birth, as well as learn tricks to assist in milk production and weaning you baby. Yes, there is a natural estrogen replacement.

Hug Your Monsters
Known and unknown fears, anxieties and upsets can be whipped into shape. By accessing your child-like parts, you can teach these "monsters" to be well behaved and even help you grow and be happy. In a visualization, meet your "monster" and teach it who the master is. You can hug your "monster/fear" and learn from it.

From Life To Light
Explore the possibilities of life after death. What is it that distinguishes the physical plane of life from the place of spirit? What happens when a loved one makes the transition from physical form to spirit? Work with techniques to release the attachment to those who have work to do in the world of spirit.

Making Crystal Power Earrings
Using the earrings that you wearing to enhance that success of the new job interview, or bring the best energies possible to that first date, or even to help you feel more energized, are all a part of what you can learn and make at this lecture. You will be asked to focus on one thing that you wish to empower in the earrings that you make - so think about it ahead of time.

Making Prosperity And Abundance Yours!
When it comes to attaining what you want, there is a need to recognize what it is that you desire, as well to identify the self sabotage that keeps you from getting it. Learn simple techniques to create and manifest all the prosperity and abundance that you really desire!

Masks: A Journey of Power
All of us have learned from earliest childhood, certain roles, behaviors and social customs. These are our masks. The process of removing the mask and finding out who we are, is one which leads to great freedom, self appreciation and self empowerment.

Memory: Use It Or Lose It
Explore simple techniques to improve your memory and find out what is really important to you. Some people have very efficient "selective memory." You have to have a good memory to function in life at all. Why is it we selectively choose what is important enough for us to remember? Find out!

New Approaches To Healing Through Art
By drawing simple colored pictures, you can access the hidden, a belief system and the way you perceive life in general. Explore how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life interact with the past, present and future, through your creative expression and doodling.

I've got your number! What do the letters in your name and address mean? How do they affect you? What do the numbers in your phone number or birth date mean? How does your birth date foretell your destiny? Explore these and many more aspects of what numbers mean to you. Find out how to alter your motivation in life and change the way people see you.

Preparing Your Herbal Garden
What do I want in my garden? Where do I start? Do I want pretty smelling herbs? Do I want colorful herbs? Am I going to use them for cooking? For medicinal purposes? Or just for looks? Discuss this and much more as you find the best way for you to design, prepare, and buy for your herbal garden - no matter what size - from window box to hundreds of square feet.

This introductory lecture to the basic concepts of reflexology – foot, hand and body, will give you tools to use for relaxation and stress reduction in you daily. You will find out about how the hands and feet are the mirror of the body. A simple super health work-out will give you the necessary skills to assist yourself in the relaxation process.

Releasing Stress Naturally
Today's world and workplace situations are often high pressured and stress producing. Stress is a matter of perspective. Learn how simple techniques in which herbs, meditation, and other alternative healing techniques may help you to release stress.

Signs and Symbols: Develop Your Own Healing Path and Mythology
Each of us has certain signs, symbols, objects or even animals that mean something special to us. Through the process of developing you own personal mythology, you can learn the pattern of healing and disease. Through a practice of mythology journaling, you can acknowledge what is important to you. You can then find the patterns in your life that can assist you to grow and avoid sabotage. For example: to me a black cat means love and affection. What is your mythology?

Discover what a soulmate is, and how it differs from a twin flame. Explore how being with the person you love can bring up all your issues, and yet create profound joy and learning. Finding your soulmate may be asking for more than you bargained for! Follow the lineage of lives with your mate and uncover what the underlying issue is behind you being together!

Spiritual Awakening
There are many times of endings and rebirth in our lives. These times bring about the potential for a great spiritual awakening. Whether it be a big or small change, it becomes a time to re-examine what we believe. This is the time that growth and healing can take place. One of these well known times in a person's life is experienced as mid-life crisis. The feeling of "mid-life crisis" is now happening at all ages. Gain a new perspective on these changing times in our lives.

Synchronicities : Are They Really Coincidences?
Do things seem to occur at just the right or the wrong time in your life, depending on your current mood or outlook? Is it possible that you are somehow interacting with your environment to influence happenings - for you and those around you? Come join us so that you can recognize in your daily life when the magic happens.

Talismans, Amulets and Symbols In Religion and Healing
How do the company trade marks and religious symbols that we are so comfortable with, have their origins in ancient society? Why is it so important to ward off the "evil eye"? Discover the hidden meaning of some of the commonly used symbols in today's world.

Tarot: Its Hidden Secrets
Examine the world of color and symbol in the tarot. Investigate the use of these powerful tools to focus and communicate with your "gut feelings". Learn how you too may be able to use your own "inner voice" to gain useful, practical advice and assistance from the cards.

Tarot: Power, Money, Change And Truth
Is your life all that you'd like it to be? Want to do something about it? Is everything pre-destined and "engraved in stone"? Learn how tarot cards can help you discover answers to these questions and more.

The Truth About Ghosts and Spirits
Whether you have had your own experience with the spirit world or not, you will enjoy this exploration of the world that we open up to on Halloween. Explore possible truths - fact or fiction from the viewpoint of Halloween, and why we have ghosts, goblins and other spirits in our mythology for that day.

Using the Properties of Feng Shui to Enhance Your Prosperity and Career Through The Jewelry That You Wear and Make
By incorporating the basic colors of the principles of Feng Shui, you can make and choose your jewelry to enhance your career and bring greater prosperity into your life. In Feng Shui, color can be used to make corrections in out-of-balance areas in the home and work place. It would also be wise to incorporate these same principles in the jewelry that you wear. Have an enjoyable evening exploring this option to personal empowerment.

A View Into The Past: Past Life Regression
Open doorways to past adventures by exploring other lives and times. Explore potential explanations of reincarnation or healing fiction. An introductory group regression is experienced. Probable reasons for utilizing and studying past lives are discussed. Past Life work is used as a tool for personal understanding and growth.

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