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HIV / AIDS Assistance

NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.


natural healthcare evaluation

Holistic healthcare is a partnership between the practitioner and the client. Seeking out the practitioner that meets the needs of the client with the appropriate types (modalities) of holistic health care is the beginning step in that process. With so many options for holistic health care, it is often challenging to know how to proceed in a way that is comfortable for the individual. A Natural Healthcare Evaluation can assist this process.

The Master Holistic Practitioner will interview the client about their health concerns, ascertain with the client what they feel is the most appropriate course of action and work to determine the client's commitment to themselves and their healing. A Natural Healthcare Evaluation may address food and how it responds in the body (Wholistic Food Options), emotional issues (Flower Essence Therapy, Holistic Synergy, or Hypnosis), how the client perceives their world - mentally and spiritually (Holistic Synergy, NeuroLinguistic Programming or Regression Therapy) or physical imbalances (Holistic Synergy, Herbal Education, Aromatherapy, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Iridology, or Homeobotanical Therapy). Other modalities of healing may also be suggested.

A Natural Healthcare Evaluation is a preliminary evaluation of how the client perceives their healing path and what course of action the client wants to take. In partnership with the Master Holistic Practitioner, a course of healing can be agreed upon and pursued with the appropriate practitioners.

Cost of any blends or remedies is additional. For more information on our private Natural Healthcare Evaluation sessions, please contact us.


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