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Hypnosis Classes and Certifications

Through the use of self-relaxation techniques, sometimes called hypnosis, one can access forgotten memories. The mind holds a storehouse of information accumulated over the entire period of one's lifetime. There is so much knowledge that it is impossible to recall each instant and happening. However, in the mind is stored the person's perception of all that has happened. It is important to remember that it is purely the person's perception.

When accessing this information, an astute practitioner may find that the perception is based on fears or lack of information. To assist the client to heal, and be capable of moving forward free of fears and blocks, a skillful hypnosis practitioner can assist the client to realize that there are other conceivable ways of looking at and dealing with the situation. Hypnosis then becomes a tool to broaden perspectives and create new options.

Usually when a person is upset, stuck, afraid, or in some kind of trauma, he/she is unable to find or create new and viable ways of exploring how to deal with the situation. By learning the simple skill of listening and then restating what the client is saying to you, you can assist the client to find the answers. Everyone has his/her own answers. The hypnotist points out the doorway that the client just said was directly in front of him.

Hypnosis is a tool to access what you already know and need to hear someone else tell you in slightly different words. This is so you can think it is a new way of looking at it. It seems that the mind gets tired of hearing it the same way over and over and wants a new perspective. Hypnosis can assist with fears, phobias or whatever the client is deeply and truly willing to work with.

We offer a lecture, classes and a certification course in hypnosis. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, or contact us for more information or to schedule a lecture.

Hypnosis Classes

Any of the classes that are part of the hypnosis certification can be taken as individual classes. See our calendar for upcoming hypnosis classes.

Hypnosis Lectures

Visit our Natural Healthcare Lectures page for information on our hypnosis lectures.

Hypnosis Certifications

The Hypnosis Certification Program at the Northeast Holistic Center is set up in three sections: Introduction to Hypnosis is the basics of hypnosis that gives all the necessary knowledge and tools for inductions, deepenings, conditionings, post-hypnotic suggestions and awakenings. In Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis you are also introduced to ways of presenting yourself as an ethical and professional hypnotist. Details on reading your client's body language and nuances, to assist you to better understand and work with her on issues are a part of the basic certification. In Regression Hypnosis you work with age regression, conception regression, in utero regression and past life regression. You learn ways to access information from the past that is causing problems in the present. One of the essentials in this class is developing ways to open the visual channel and work through blocks.

Introduction to Hypnosis
Explore what hypnosis really is. Recognize when each person goes into hypnotic states naturally during her everyday life. Be able to explain what hypnosis is and why the majority of the population is really capable of being hypnotized if they want to. Discussions of the common misconceptions of what hypnosis is will dispel the myths. Investigate the different stages or levels of hypnosis that the individual is capable experiencing. Learn about trance state and how few people ever achieve it. Do experiential work with different levels of suggestibility to hypnosis. Find out what the indications of a hypnotic state are and when it is inappropriate to use hypnosis on a client and why.

A good portion of the class is spent in experiential work, learning how to do different inductions, deepenings, conditionings, post-hypnotic suggestions and awakenings. You will also learn what to do when you encounter the "difficult" client.

Techniques and explanations of what self-hypnosis is and how it compares to regular hypnosis are all a part of the day's experience. You will write your own conditioning and then your partner will read it to you, so that you can experience how it "feels". You will also explore some of the different issues that hypnosis can assist to change if your client is willing.

A home-study assignment of six written inductions, conditionings and awakenings will assist you to be more aware of appropriate word usage for effective hypnosis sessions. These will also be the basis for the continuing experiential work in the second part of the Hypnosis Certification. The home assignment must be submitted to your teacher and accepted prior to taking Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis
Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Hypnosis

This is the second class required for Hypnosis Certification. Supervised experiential work centered around the home-study assignments will be a large part of the day's classwork. There will be discussions about professional presentation of yourself and your business, as well as being an ethical hypnotist.

Discussions about reading body language and NeuroLinguistic Programming techniques of matching and pacing are a part of learning about the pre-hypnosis interview process. Accessing what the client "really" wants assistance with is often the largest part of a hypnosis session. Various techniques to assist you in accomplishing this are a necessary part of the class. The professional need for appropriate documentation of the work you do with your client as well as financial records will be emphasized in the class.

The Hypnosis Certification Program of the Northeast Holistic Center consists of sixteen hours of experiential classwork. Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnosis Certification classes must be completed before exploring Regression Hypnosis. Included in the first two parts of the certification process is thirty-five hours of documented practicum and self study. To complete the certification process, the student successfully conducts a supervised interview and hypnosis session, observed by her teacher.

Regression Hypnosis
Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis

Regression Hypnosis is offered to anyone who has a certificate of completion in Hypnosis or is a Certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist. It is also the third class in the series for certification by the Northeast Holistic Center. It is suggested that you be very comfortable with the basic techniques of hypnosis before you approach regression hypnosis. This course in regression hypnosis works with age regression, conception regression, in utero regression and past life regression.

When working with regression hypnosis, it is essential to be aware of the "games" that a client may use to avoid getting to the root cause of an issue. Learn some techniques to get through those "blocks". Working with the nuances of a client is the key to successfully assist your client. Realize that when working with regression therapy, there may be clients who have a challenge working with the visual channel. Learn techniques to assist the client to open these channels. Become aware of how to assess the client's ability to visualize during the initial phone interview.

In each section of the regression therapy, you learn about possible theories as to how and why they work, and how to explain regression therapy to the client in an easy and non-threatening manner. You experience first-hand, both as the client and as the hypnotist, what age, in utero, conception and past life regression is like. It is a full day of experiential work and discussion.

The NHC Certification in Regression Hypnosis consists of eight hours of experiential class work, sixteen hours of documented practicum, and an interview and regression session supervised by the teacher. After successful completion of the requirements, Regression Hypnosis Certification is issued by the NHC.

If you choose to become an Accredited Regression Hypnotist through the NHC, you may apply for yearly accreditation. The NHC will recommend you for clients in your area.

There are other advanced hypnosis studies available at the NHC. Proof of Hypnosis Regression Certification is required as a pre-requisite for these classes. They are limited in size and are by invitation only.

For more information on Hypnosis please contact us or view our calendar.



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