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NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

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Holistic Practitioner Certification

The Holistic Practitioner Certification Program consists of three levels of intensive self-growth and study using Holistic Synergy as a basis. It is set up to assist the individual to be clear and focused when working with the healing process of another. Understanding how you yourself operate, understanding your interactive responsibility with all those around you, and finally understanding your interactive responsibility in the world - past, present and future - is the intent of the growth and healing process of Holistic Synergy.

Each level of study consists of nine required courses listed below, one NHC approved elective, one successfully completed weekend certification class, plus level appropriate documented practicum work. After successfully completing the Level Three certification weekend, the student is then required to complete twenty-two documented case studies to be submitted with an application for certification as a Holistic Practitioner.

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Holistic Practioner Certification Program—Level One
This level of the healer's education explores the "I". To be able to assist anyone else, it is necessary to understand yourself and how your body, emotions, mind and spirit interact. Explore how YOU work! Experience how the Universal Energy feels to YOU.

  • Holistic Synergy 1 Physical: Investigate healing energy as it works within the body's energy fields. Experience how energy is distributed throughout the body, especially the energy of the brain. Begin to understand how the mind affects the health of the body.

  • Holistic Synergy 1 Emotional: The emotions and the body are directly connected -- explore the circuitry. Working with the emotional influences of dis-ease and healing, continue your exploration of healing energies.

  • Holistic Synergy 1 Mental: Learn simple techniques to alter perception and change the way you think about things. Find out how your own words are sabotaging your communication and success. Experience the healing energies of the mental body.

  • Holistic Synergy 1 Spiritual: Spirituality is what you believe -- your basic belief system. Find out if you are comfortable with your belief systems and learn easy ways to work with them, energetically and mentally.

  • Introduction to Hypnosis: Experience and learn about the basic techniques of hypnosis -- inductions, deepenings and posthypnotic suggestions. Find out what self-hypnosis and hypnosis really are and how they assist in changing your life.

  • Introduction to Reflexology: Reflexology is an easy way to work with the energies and access the healing work of touch. Learn about the basic techniques of reflexology, and how it can be used to work with the body through manipulating the reflex points of the feet.

  • Amazing Mind Journey: You are what you think! Find out how to improve communications by working with visual, auditory and feeling words and cues. Work with anchors, self-hypnosis and collapsed realities to alter your perception for a healthy, happier lifestyle.

  • Conscious Choices in Eating: Learn why each person has his or her own special dietary needs. Find out what foods are potentially appropriate for you and your way of life. Learn to work with food in a friendly and individualistic manner.

  • Crystals, Colors & Herbs: Explore the energies of crystals, colors, and decorative herbs. Find out how they can interact with and enhance your environment and life.

  • One NHC Approved Elective.

  • Level 1 Certification Weekend: A once-a-year certification weekend brings together the knowledge of level 1.


Holistic Practioner Certification Program—Level Two
During this process of the healer's education, learn how you are affected by all of those around you and how you affect others. Experience what it is like to have others to support you whenever you consciously reach out!

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 Holistic Practitioner Certification

  • Holistic Synergy 2 Physical: Through the processes of art therapy, meridian work and exploring the Chinese philosophy of the Five Elements, you develop a better understanding of how energy is the source of healing from within.

  • Holistic Synergy 2 Emotional: Experiment with an emotional/mental "21 day diet" that can assist you to change your life. Learn the issues and work through the sabotage. Work continues with Five Element theory, as well as breathwork and color therapy.

  • Holistic Synergy 2 Mental: Dispel the myth of how your mind learns, and finally make learning fun. For growth to become easy and fun-filled, it is best to re-learn the fun in growing. Further work continues with color therapy and conscious breathing.

  • Holistic Synergy 2 Spiritual: Belief systems can aid you in your growth process, BUT they can also contribute to failure. Re-examine old belief systems and come to terms with your respons-ability with who you are.

  • Hypnosis Certification: This is the second part of the basic Hypnosis Certification Program of the NHC. Expand upon the knowledge gained in Part One in an individual, supervised process. Advanced techniques and professional ethics are also discussed.

  • Introduction to Massage: This seminar is an introduction to the basic techniques of simple massage as a means of working with healing touch in an energetic manner.

  • Amazing Mind Journey 2: After mastering the basic techniques of Amazing Mind Journey 1, further explore the world of anchors and collapsed realities. Experiential work with reframing the past for future success and happiness by changing perspective is a part of the seminar.

  • To Eat Or Not To Eat: Learn about developmentally appropriate choices in eating. Realize that to change the way that you eat is to change a way of life so that it becomes a successful and comfortable part of your lifestyle.

  • Living Our Visions Everyday (L.O.V.E.): Do you know what you want and yet fail to get it, OR do you know what you DON'T want and always get it? Either way, L.O.V.E., a goal setting process, can assist you to stop the past sabotages in your life achievements.

  • One NHC Approved Elective.

  • Level 2 Certification Weekend: A once-a-year certification weekend that works with the knowledge of levels 1 and 2.


Holistic Practioner Certification Program—Level Three
The educational process continues with exploring your relationship to the world. You learn how to work with healing through your actions, thoughts and words in every day life, as it changes each person, and then changes the world.

Prerequisite: Completion of Levels 1 & 2 Holistic Practitioner Certification

  • Holistic Synergy 3 Physical: The brain controls the processes of the body. In this class you work with balancing the brain, the cranium and sacrum, as well as balancing the energies of the electrical and fluid systems of the body.

  • Holistic Synergy 3 Emotional: It is now the time to work with life's basic fears and joys. How you experience and identify with these emotions is how you live your life. In this class you begin to become conscious of your life's emotions.

  • Holistic Synergy 3 Mental: Perception, yours and other people's, guide how you live life. Learn how to feel, acknowledge your feelings, temporarily detach from them, heal your feelings, enjoy your feelings and release them!

  • Holistic Synergy 3 Spiritual: Are there belief systems that flow from one generation to the next and one society to the next? Explore how family and world belief systems permeate the growth of the world itself. These belief systems then seep into your own belief systems and behavior patterns. Do you choose to follow them?

  • Regression Hypnosis 3: After being certified in the basic techniques of hypnosis, it becomes time to explore the healing techniques of regression hypnosis. Past life, birth, in utero and conception regression concepts are explored and experienced.

  • Herbal Medicine Pouch 1: Learn about the healing properties of herbs. Experiential work with infusions, salves, tinctures and lotions are a part of the day's work.

  • Comparative Modalities & Philosophies: An introduction to other healing modalities and religious philosophies that are essential in assisting you to deal with ALL people and ALL of their belief systems. Appropriate knowledge and respect for people's belief leads to healing.

  • Introduction to Aromatherapy: How do scents affect our lives? How can we utilize scents in the healing & cleaning process? You CAN use essential oils to sanitize your home or clear that foggy brain to help you think more clearly. Explore TEN essential oils during the day and make your own personal blend.

  • Parenting & Child Counseling: Learn basic techniques of parenting to assist in dealing with children effectively. Work with the monster within the hurt child to assist in his/her healing process. Techniques to assist professionals and parents alike are explored in the day's class.

  • One NHC Approved Elective.

  • Level 3 Certification Weekend: A once-a-year certification weekend brings together the knowledge of the three level course of study.


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