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Basic Herbal Care Certification Correspondence Course

The Basic Herbal Care Certification correspondence course has been approved by the state of New Jersey for massage schools and has been taught throughout New Jersey and New York. It is the same course of study that is taught here at the Northeast Holistic Center. If a student wants to take some classes on-line/home study as well as attend other classes in New Jersey, the classes are compatible.

A Certificate of Completion is offered for the Basic Herbal Care program, once you have successfully completed all homeworks, case studies and written examination. The course is designed to discuss two to four herbs or other phytotherapy per class. The classes contain other interesting and valuable information on all aspects of Herbal Education. Each class has a homework project that may include materials. Cost of the materials and shipping is included in the class fees.

LEVEL 100: Rudiments of Herbal Care
HERB101: An Introduction to the Herbal Care Program: Explore what herbal remedies are; how do they interact with the body; and introduction to many basic concepts of herbal care.
HERB102: Phytotherapy: Learn how the herbal remedies information sheets give a basic understanding of the background, constituents, properties and uses of each herb, as well as various information as discussed in each class.
HERB103: Visiting the Health Food Store: Learn the differences between types of herbal tincture and how to read a label correctly. Basic information on the female reproductive system and its challenges are presented.
HERB104: Healing Aspects of Herbs: Taking the herbal blend to the next step by understanding the interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, mental aspects of a disease in order to address a disorder's source.
HERB105: Common Ailments & Their Herbal Remedies: Stating that an herb assists pain is an allopathic approach to healing. This class explores the illness itself and then how to deal with it.
HERB106: Making Herbal Tinctures: All herbal tinctures and herbal companies are not alike. Learn about how different types of herbal tinctures are made and how and when to use them.
HERB107: Natural Solutions for House Cleaning Chores: Learn natural options for cleaning the house with products already in the house and in this introduction to essential oils.
HERB108: Making a Cold-Infused Herbal Oil: Besides making a cold-infused oil, exploration of remedies for a healthy skin through using herbs, grains and essential oils are introduced to heal and nurture the skin.
HERB100 Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in HERB100. Upon completions of the exam and all classwork and homework, a certification is issued.

LEVEL200: Herbal Remedies for Family Health
HERB201: Herbal Care for the Hair: Explore the appropriate herbs to nourish your hair whether you are a blond, brunette or redhead, as well as supplements for dry, oily or normal hair.
HERB202: Natural Pest Prevention Around the Home and Garden: Once you learn the possibilities that plants have in protecting themselves, it is possible to expand their uses to assist other plants also for use in your garden and home.
HERB203:The Herbal and Natural Remedies First Aid Kit: This First Aid Kit is primarily for adults but can be expanded to use for assisting children with the information from the class on children's health. 
HERB204: Cooking for Your Health: Learn to use herb in your cooking for health as well as to enhance the flavor of the food. Explore the world of balancing the different taste of foods to create balanced healing foods as well.  
HERB205: Health Pet Care - Healthy Pets: Explore different natural remedies to assist your pets to stay healthy or assist in healing your pets with the use of natural remedies.
HERB206: Disorders That Affect Men: Although some of the disorders presented are not purely male-related, they do have a higher percentage rate of occurrence in men Explore remedies, lifestyle changes, also herbs to avoid to keep men healthier.
HERB207: Herbs from the Kitchen: In this class, the healing aspects of herbs that were presented in the cooking class are taken to the next step by looking in to all aspects of the foods in the kitchen and their medicinal benefits.
HERB208: From Diaper Rash to Runny Nose - Herbal Care for Children: Using basic remedies of herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy and even vitamins and minerals to assist a child's health and growth.
HERB200 Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in HERB200. Upon completions of the exam and all classwork and homework, a certification is issued.

LEVEL 300: Herbal Approaches to the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit
HERB301: Calming and Soothing Aspects of Herbs: When working with herbal remedies, it is important to understand how herbs affect the body. Discover how herbs can be blended into a specific healing remedy.
HERB302: Pampering Your Body with Herbal Care: Explore natural cosmetic preparations using all natural, non-toxic ingredients found in the kitchen plus essential oils.
HERB303: The Holistic Approach to Disease: Learn how to look at working with any disorder by considering all the aspects. It is necessary to be aware of the symptoms, causes and possible solutions, as well as the relationships to the rest of the body.
HERB304: Herbal Possibilities to Deal with Coughs, Colds and Flu: Every part of the body is affected by the intake of oxygen through the lungs. Any problems in the respiratory system affect all parts of the body. Look at the how each system affects the other.
HERB305: Dealing with Aches and Pains: Disorders of the muscular-skeletal system affect many other parts of the body other than the obvious problem. A complete intake can find related health challenges.
HERB306: Herbs that Ease the Emotions: The goal of this class is to explore ways in which emotions can be expressed appropriately and calmly. Explore herbal remedies to calm the emotions.
HERB307: How the Mind Works to Create a Different State of Health: When we are in upset, mentally, we can alter the way we think and feel by reprogramming the mind as well as working with the herbal remedies to calm the mind.
HERB308: Looking at the Spiritual Side of Herbs: It is possible to raise the vibrational rate of the home, office and gardens by adding appropriate herbs and flowers to your life.
HERB FINAL Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in Basic Herbal Care. Upon completion of the exam and all classwork and homework, a certification is issued for all levels.

Cost for HOME STUDY (On-Line) Basic Herbal Care Certification:
Each Course Level is paid in groups of eight classes and the exam each course is a level: Level 100, Level 200 and Level 300. The certification fees include: each class course handout, practical homework and paperwork, class quiz and practical homework products that relate to each class (including cost of shipping for homework product.)
Each Level is $340 upon enrollment.
OR, when the entire certification is prepaid in one payment, the cost is $1,020 upon enrollment.

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