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HIV / AIDS Assistance

NHC has received its second consecutive Ryan White Title I Grant—enabling the HIV/AIDS community to avail itself of the natural health therapies to assist with the toxic side-effects of HIV drugs. Read more.

Webinars with Vital Connection

NHC offers vibrant, informative on-line training in a wide variety of holistic modalities, including certifications in aromatherapy, flower essences and crystals.Read more.


Crystal therapy Classes and Certifications

The ancient cultures of this planet have long known about the benefits of crystals, and how using them can connect one to the earth and to the universe. Ancient civilizations of legend and fact such as Egypt, Babylon, Atlantis and Lemuria are all famous for their comprehensive use of the stones of the earth. It is said that entire civilizations have been based around the power of crystals, used it to help them attune to the energies of the earth and the universe, and promote harmony and growth within their civilizations. One of these traditions remains in our culture today with our use of gemstones in jewelry. Also, the power of some gems has been recognized and applied to uses such as with lasers and timepieces. The laying-on of stones, like laying-on of hands, can be a very powerful component of one's healing process and to the universal knowledge available to us all. In crystal therapy, a client's growth and health is influenced by the energy of the crystals.

Crystals are components of the earth, and often dis-comfort and dis-ease are results of being dis-connected from our natural environment. Crystals also contain their own natural vibrational rate, which is constant, unlike our vibrational rate (our physical, emotional and mental energy fields) which is subject to fluctuations due to stress, emotions or illness. The use of crystals can help our vibrational rate remain steady, and even become stronger, so that health, vitality and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being can be achieved. Crystals can give us the boost that we need. This can be accomplished with crystal layouts, in which small stones are placed on or around the body in a healing session, with appropriate crystal jewelry and/or proper placement of stones in one's environment.

We offer classes, lectures, and a certification course in crystal therapy. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, or call us for more information or to schedule a lecture.

Crystal Therapy Classes

The Northeast Holistic Center offers a series of crystal classes that can be taken separately (a few do have pre-requisites), or they can be taken as a part of the Crystal Artisan Certification program.

May the Quartz Be with You
Delve into the mineral world and learn how to unearth the mysteries of the crystals. Examine specimens of clear quartz. Explore their various characteristics, and crystalline structure. Learn of their cultural uses throughout history. Cleansing, programming, communicating, power of intent, energy balancing and layouts are all included in this seminar. Clear quartz and its configurations such as record keepers, windows, rainbow, and twin flames, plus varieties of quartz such as amethyst, rose quartz and rutilated quartz, are investigated.

Chakra Rocks
Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates to "spinning wheel of energy". Our subtle body houses seven main chakras, and contains hundreds of others. Chakras affect our well-being: when out of balance we feel dis-comfort and dis-ease; when aligned, we feel centered, powerful and are healthy. Explore these seven energy centers, their colors, and how crystals can help balance each area. Investigate seven chakra stones (such as garnet, amethyst and malachite), plus the applications of grounding, releasing, energizing, protecting, balancing and spirituality with stones such as bornite, jasper and snowflake obsidian.

Crystal Medicine Pouch 1
The healing properties of ten commonly used stones (such as rose quartz, amethyst, bloodstone, hematite, and fluorite) are probed. Learn to attune to the crystals, ascertain what bodily organ they pertain to, and how they can facilitate general health and can protect you. Discover how these stones may assist in the healing of common ailments such as colds, bruises, sore throats, headaches, insomnia, stress conditions, constipation and more, as well as deal with the emotional and mental components of the ailment. Meditations and layouts are conducted, and healing bodywork, energy balancing, intention and bodily function aspects are reviewed. Basic knowledge of crystals will assist you when taking this course. Techniques of cleansing, programming, characteristics of crystals, etc. will be briefly reviewed.

For Crystal Certification Program - practical work [approximately twelve hours] needs to be completed before Crystal Medicine Pouch 2 can be taken.

Crystal Medicine Pouch 2
Ten additional stones are explored and their relationship to the organ systems of the body is further investigated. An explanation of Five Elements Theory, a Chinese system that interconnects the organ systems to the glands, muscles, seasons and colors, and how it relates to crystal work, is part of the activities. Discover how working with the organ systems and their corresponding components can bring even greater healing than with one component alone. Aventurine, tiger's eye, moonstone and agate are some of the minerals explored. Pre-requisite: Crystal Medicine Pouch 1.

Gem Essences and Metals
Gem Essences, or Gem Elixirs, have long been used for greater health, energy and well being. Like an herbal tincture or flower essence, gem essences are made with crystals to infuse the stone's energy into the elixir, which is then consumed or topically applied. For instance, amethyst essence can be used for meditation and to help overcome addictions, as well as bring peace, promote spirituality and it is even reported to help arthritis. Calcite essence is said to help activate all the chakras. Petrified wood essence may help soothe the skin and stimulate hair luster. Discover how gem essences can enhance your crystal layouts, beauty, piece of mind and general vitality. Learn how to make them, and how to use them for healing. Also, discover metals (copper, silver etc.) and how they can effect and enhance your crystal work. Metals are conductors of energy and can facilitate the movement of the electromagnetic field of the body. What metals are best suited to which stones? What setting should stones be in for healing jewelry? Should you include metals in your crystal layouts, or can you use only metals? This four hour seminar can expand your outlook on crystals and metals.

Colors, Crystals & Herbs
Explore how the energies of crystals, colors, and herbs can be utilized in your home or work space to release stress, absorb negativity, energize you, bring you love or promote prosperity and abundance for you and your family. Colors can be the source of positive healing energy or the reason that you always feel depressed. Crystals can be used to strengthen the love in a house or absorb the negativity as people walk into your house. Flowers and herbs have specific meanings and scents that help perk up your surroundings. Explore how in this class.

Healing Crystals Lectures

We offer lectures on the healing power of crystals. Participants will learn how crystals can assist with health, mood and spirit, and will learn how to use appropriate crytals to make their own personal jewelry. For more information on healing crystal lectures visit the Natural Healthcare Lectures page or contact us.


Crystal Artisan Certification

This is a series of twenty-two classes that introduces you to diverse types of crystals from quartz to hiddenite. Learn about the different kinds of formations in quartz crystals form tabbies to rainbows. Each class will explore two to four crystals and their properties. Learn how they can be used to assist in the healing process. Samples of most of the crystals discussed in the classes will be available for purchase.

Conscious use of crystals is emphasized in the certification program. Crystal Therapy, as taught at the Northeast Holistic Center, is enhanced with energy balancing from the practitioner to assist the client in realizing their full energetic potential. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the dis-comfort or dis-ease are examined. The whole person is emphasized, and ways to incorporate crystals, positive thought patterns and appropriate emotional responses are advocated.

Classes required for certification (see above for details):

  • May the Quartz Be with You
  • Chakra Rocks
  • Crystal Medicine Pouch 1 & 2
  • Gem Essences and Metals
  • Colors, Crystals & Herbs

The Crystal Artisan certification classes that cover the practical application of crystal energies are held in the evening. The classes focused the in-depth physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of crystal energies are held on weekends.

Crystal Certification Program Requirements
An understanding of crystals and how the energy fields of the body, emotions, mind and spirit interact is essential to utilizing crystals appropriately. While the NHC has no knowledge of any injury resulting from crystal therapy, like anything, crystals do have the potential to be misused, and proper awareness is needed for their in-depth use.

To that end, the NHC has set up this Crystal Certification Program, to educate, create awareness of, and inspire new ways of working with crystals. Classes other than Crystal Medicine Pouch 2 may be taken independently of the program, however the five classes in this brochure are required for certification. They may be taken out of sequence, although some knowledge of crystals is necessary to take Crystal Medicine Pouch 1. May the Quartz Be With You is an excellent primer (other NHC courses, such as Crystals, Colors and Herbs are good for general crystal knowledge, however they do not qualify as part of this program.) The Medicine Pouch classes are very detailed and in-depth, and it is important to feel completely comfortable with crystals prior to taking these courses.

Participation in all classes, practical work between classes, appropriate documentation and a certification session with the instructor are needed to be certified as a Crystal Artisan by the NHC. Approximately 100 hours of study are spent with classes, practical work, research and outside reading. Practical work (with others and one-self) is included in each course for certification. Other philosophies are referred to, and the student is encouraged to explore these in outside study, so that one's own healing philosophies are formulated. After all classes and practical work are completed, a certification session is then requested by the student in which a crystal therapy session is held with the instructor, so the instructor can observe and assess the integration of knowledge gained by the student in the program. After appropriately completing the session and all practical work, Crystal Certification by the NHC is awarded.

For more information on crystal healing therapy please contact us or visit our calendar for class dates.



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