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Flower Essences Classes and Certifications

Our emotions and mental perspectives are often the exact aspect of ourselves that is in need of change to create health and happiness. Dr. Bach, the developer of the flower essence philosophy, states that the individual is like an onion. As we grow and heal our upsets, we peel back layers of that onion. The road to health on all levels starts with emotional/mental well-being.

The NHC offers a lecture and a certification course in flower essences. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, or call us for more information or to schedule a lecture.

Flower Essences Classes

Students can take any of the flower essence certification classes as individual classes.

Flower Essences Lectures

Our flower essences lecture teaches participants about how flower essences can assist in their emotional healing. For more information lease visit our Natural Healthcare Lectures page.

Flower Essences Certification

In the Northeast Holistic Center's flower essences certification, we learn that through the use of the 38 English Flower Essences that Dr. Bach discovered, an individual can deal with the day to day upsets as well as the underlying belief systems that create the confusion and upset. You will also study FES (Flower Essence Services English Flower Essences), Alaskan Flower Essences, and Lila Devi's Masters Flower Essences. An extensive comparison of the different types of flower essences and their companies' philosophies as well as an in-depth study of emotions and emotional responses are a part of each class.

Flower essences are an effective, gentle and easy-to-use tool to combat everything from anxiety to menopause to ADD. Flower essences get to the root of diseases by addressing the mental and emotional imbalances that caused them.

This comprehensive certification course in flower essences covers the use of Bach, Masters, Alaskan, North American FES and English FES flower essences. Students are taught case-taking skills for conducting sessions with clients, how to make flower essence blends specific to the client's (or their own) needs, and how to incorporate the use of flower essences into their day-to-day lives to reduce the effects of stress and disease and regain emotional balance in their lives.

The Flower Essences Certification program includes the twenty-four classes, practicum work and application for certification.

Note: You can take an individual class, OR you can take the twenty-four class course certification program. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, or contact us for more information.

Flower Essences explored in each class from the following companies:

  • B - Bach
  • F - FES English Set
  • FA - FES North American Set
  • A - Alaskan
  • M - Master Flower Essences
  • Flower Essences Studied in Classes for Certification [listed by class number]:
  1. B & F - Rescue Remedy/Five Flower Essence.
  2. B & F: Aspen & Mimulus; FA: Angel's Trumpet, Baby Blue Eyes, Poison Oak, Purple Monkey Flower, Scarlet Monkey Flower, Star Thistle; A: Round-leaved Sundew; M: Tomato.
  3. B & F: Cerato & Scleranthus; FA: Basil, Calla Lily, Violet; A: Lamb's Quarters; M: Apple.
  4. B & F: Clematis & White Chestnut; FA: Alpine Lily, Canyon Dudleya, Shasta Daisy; A: Northern Twayblade; M: Lettuce.
  5. B & F: Heather & Impatiens; FA: Fairy Lantern, Pink Yarrow, Rosemary, St. John's Wort; A: Blueberry Pollen; M: Date.
  6. B & F: Agrimony & Centaury; FA: Black Cohosh, Goldenrod, Corn, Filaree; A: One-sided Wintergreen; M: Almond.
  7. B & F: Larch & Elm; FA: Buttercup, Indian Pink, Rabbitbrush; A: Soapberry; M: Spinach.
  8. B & F: Vine & Beech; FA: Yellow Star Tulip, Trillium, Mallow; A: Green Bog Orchid; M: Blackberry.
  9. B & F: Holly & Willow; FA: Calendula, Deerbrush, Sage, Star Tulip; A: Green Fairy Orchid; M: Raspberry.
  10. B & F: Oak & Olive; FA: Dandelion, Peppermint, Trumpet Vine, Zinnia; A: Bladderwort; M: Corn.
  11. B & F: Red Chestnut & Chicory; FA: Bleeding Heart, Mountain Pride, Mullein, Oregon Grape; A: Shooting Star; M: Peach.
  12. B & F: Wild Oat & Walnut; FA: Blackberry, Chrysanthemum, Yarrow; A: Hairy Butterwort, Sitka Spruce Pollen; M: Grape.
  13. B & F: Gorse & Mustard; FA: Lady Slipper, Borage, Angelica; A: Ladies Tresses; M: Coconut.
  14. B & F: Chestnut Bud & Honeysuckle; FA: Chamomile, Hibiscus, Mountain Pennyroyal; A: Cattail Pollen; M: Avocado;
  15. B & F: Pine & Gentian; FA: Garlic, Indian Paintbrush, Larkspur; A: Sitka Burnet; M: Strawberry.
  16. B & F: Star of Bethlehem & Sweet Chestnut; FA: Arnica, Scotch Broom, Yerba Santa; A: White Fireweed; M: Pear.
  17. B & F: Wild Rose & Hornbeam; FA: California Pitcher Plant, California Wild Rose, Iris, Madia, Self Heal, Tansy; A: Sphagnum Moss; M: Cherry.
  18. B & F: Rock Water & Crab Apple; FA: Hound's Tongue, Manzanita, Milk Weed, Morning Glory, Pretty Face, Yarrow Special Formula; A: Wild Rhubarb, Sweet Grass; M: Fig.
  19. B & F: Rock Rose & Water Violet; FA: Quaking Grass, Saguaro, Sticky Monkey Flower, Sweet Pea, Tiger Lily; A: Moschatel; M: Pineapple.
  20. B & F: Cherry Plum & Vervain; FA: Aloe Vera, Chaparral, Cosmos, Dill, Echinacea, Fuchsia, Lavender, Mugwort; A: Comandra; M: Banana.
  21. FA: Black-eyed Susan, California Poppy, Dogwood, Easter Lily, Evening Primrose, Golden Eardrops; A: Harebell; M: Orange.
  22. FA: Forget-Me-Not, Golden Yarrow, Lotus, Love-Lies-Bleeding, Mariposa Lily, Nasturtium, Pink Monkey Flower; A: Northern Lady's Slipper.
  23. FA: Cayenne, Nicotiana, Penstemon, Pomegranate, Queen Anne's Lace, Quince, Red Clover, Sagebrush, Snapdragon, Sun Flower; A: Tundra Twayblade.
  24. Exam.

Topics Focused On [listed by class number]:

  1. Introduction to Bach Flower Essences and how they were developed.
  2. Understanding the seven categories of emotions upon which Dr. Bach created the flower essences.
  3. How to make a dose bottle and ways to use flower essences.
  4. Peeling back the layers of the emotional onion to access the core issues is explored.
  5. Exploring how many circumstances (causation) can appear to manifest one single identifiable emotion.
  6. Lean how to listen to what is REALLY being said.
  7. Case taking skills.
  8. Review of case taking skills and how a practitioner can experience what a client says in many ways.
  9. Working with similarities and differences within pairs of Bach Flower Essences.
  10. Detached listening and how to listen correctly.
  11. Role-playing and case taking skills are further developed.
  12. Further work with comparing similarities and differences of groups of two, three and four flower essences to be better able to suggest the correct essences.
  13. Working with the energy of the flower essences through cards. More role-playing and evaluation of appropriate Bach Flower essences is discussed.
  14. How to make your own flower essences.
  15. Dealing with emotional aspects of physical disorders.
  16. How to approach clinical studies and research on unknown flower essences.
  17. Dealing with PMS through flower essences.
  18. Working with the mind/body relationship and stress.
  19. How journal keeping can assist a client in working with their emotions and flower essences.
  20. How dream journal keeping can assist a client in working with their emotions and flower essences.
  21. A different approach to using flower essences - the Master Flower Essence way.
  22. How affirmations and other enhancers can assist the use of flower essences.
  23. Comparison of flower essences, aromatherapy, herbs and homeopathy.
  24. Exam.

Practicum Requirements: The final part of the certification process is a satisfactorily completed, teacher supervised and evaluated research project and case study project with appropriate documentation by the student.

For more information on Flower Essences Education please contact us or view our calendar.



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