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Aromatherapy & You Certification Correspondence Course

This aromatherapy correspondence course has been approved by the state of New Jersey for massage schools and has been taught throughout New Jersey and New York, and is identical in content to the Aromatherapy & You certification program taught at the NHC. It is the same course of study that is taught here at the Northeast Holistic Center and in Brooklyn, New York. If a student wants to take some classes on-line/home study as well as attend other classes in New Jersey or New York, the classes are compatible.

A Certificate of Completion is offered for the Aromatherapy & You program, once you have successfully completed all homeworks, case studies and written examination. The course is designed to discuss two to four essential oils or carrier oils per class. The classes contain other interesting and valuable information on all aspects of Aromatherapy. Each class has a homework project that may include materials. Cost of the materials and shipping is included in the class fees.

LEVEL 100: Rudiments of Aromatherapy & You for Everyday Living
AROM101: An introduction to the Aromatherapy & You Program: What modern day Aromatherapy is; how aromatherapy interacts with the body; and introduction to many basic concepts of aromatherapy.
AROM102: Essential oil information sheets in Aromatherapy & You give a basic understanding of the background, constituents, properties and uses of each essential oil, as well as other interesting information as discussed in each class.  
AROM103:The Antiviral Functions of Aromatherapy work when an herb’s chemical compounds interact with one's nervous system. Explore how different antiviral properties can assist in the healing of different viral conditions.    
AROM104: This is a BASIC CARE KIT of THIRTEEN essential oils. When creating the Basic Care Kit, an oil for each physical system, emotional balancing, mental balancing and spiritual balancing was chosen.
AROM105: BASIC MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: this is just to introduce you to basic massage techniques as a means of applying Aromatherapy blends.
AROM106: Essential Oils for Cooking - with all of the warnings about the toxicity of essential oils, you might wonder how you can use them in cooking? It's simple - educate yourself on how to use them appropriately.
AROM107: It is possible to do all of your cleaning by using essential oils. From making your house fragrant to cleaning your windows, it is your choice to use essential oils.
AROM108: Explore Aromatherapy and other natural options for dealing with pets and pests around the home and garden.
AROM 100 Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in AROM100.

LEVEL200: Aromatherapy for the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit
AROM201: An introduction to Carrier Oils is explored in this class. Why use Carrier Oils with Essential Oils? Explore the differences between essential oil, carrier oils, infused oils, gels and other mediums.
AROM202: Aromatherapy Travel Kit is presented for the on-the-road individual's daily needs. Five basic oils that will cover most of the needs of the traveler are presented. From here, the traveler can choose the essential oils that fit their personal needs to meet expected and unexpected daily personal care.
AROM203: There are certain aspects of health and healing that need to be considered especially when dealing with women's hormones and unique physiological processes. An exploration of some women's health issues and appropriate essential oils and blends are explored in this class.
AROM204: Aromatherapy is exceptionally beneficial for children, but requires more care and caution when administering to young ones. It can be used for bumps and bruises, as well as minor abrasions from children being curious yet unsteady (general first aid), teething, diaper rash and more.
AROM205: No, Aromatherapy is not only for women. Explore disorders and remedies for challenges that men often experience.
AROM206: The emotions and how to affect them in a positive manner with essential oils. Although all physical and mental diseases are interrelated with an emotional response pattern, emotions really do make us sick too.
AROM207: The brain regulates the body - all systems. Your physical health is interlinked to your emotional and mental health.
AROM208: Utilizing the concept of chakra, it is possible to work with aromatherapy and health.
AROM 200 Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in AROM200.

LEVEL 300: Aromatherapy Healthcare for the Body
AROM301: Essential Oils for Skin and Hair: Essential Oils and the carrier oils that you will use can help to induce positive effects on the skin. The skin is considered the mirror of our health.
AROM302: Learn to deal with disorders of the Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat and the special care that you must follow when dealing with their health conditions.
AROM303: The Circulatory System is included in with Muscles and Joints as it feeds and strengthens the muscles and joints. Many of the diseases that affect the circulation are interrelated with the muscles and joints.
AROM304: Examine how to interact with clients from the initial phone call, to case taking information, blend making & follow-up consultations. Topics such as disclaimers, forms, listening techniques & keeping accurate financial records are presented.
AROM305: How the Respiratory System works and how it affects other organs, as well as some disorders of the respiratory system. Different means of application are discussed for the healing of respiratory disorders.
AROM306: Understanding how aromatherapy elicits change in emotional/mental responses, is used to assist in the healing of all diseases associated with the Nervous System.
AROM307: The first section of the Genitourinary System that will be examined is the Urinary System, and then the genito aspects address the sexual aspects of the person and further address male and female disorders.
AROM308: Aromatherapy and the Digestive System: If food isn’t being digested correctly, the body will not be able to receive the nutrients that keep the body healthy.
AROM FINAL Exam: Pass a written, open book exam to become certified in AROM100, 200, 300.

Each Course Level is paid in groups of eight classes and the exam – each course is a level: Level 100, Level 200 and Level 300. The certification fees include: each class course handout, practical homework and paperwork, class quiz and practical homework products that relate to each class (including cost of shipping for homework product.)
Each Level is $300 upon enrollment.

OR, when the entire certification is prepaid in one payment, the cost is $840 upon enrollment

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