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The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

“Exploring Your Inner Vision is a Power Flower Focus Formula (PF3) blend. This remedy deals with all aspects of consciousness and awareness. It contains forty-two flower essences from several different flower essence companies. The philosophy behind each PF3 blend is that many flower essences can be included in a blend as long as they focus on the specific reason for its existence.

This blend has been designed to deal with consciousness and awareness of self, others and the universe. Consciousness and awareness are somewhat different concepts. A good way to describe consciousness is to display it at its highest level, which would be to be one or connected with all that is. People have different levels of consciousness, and growth oriented people are in the process of working to elevate their level of consciousness.

Awareness, on the other hand, deals with their physical connection with themselves, others, or the world around them. This blend can help when a person is growth oriented and working powerfully to increase their level of consciousness, to increase their sense of connectedness of all around them. It also assists in a person’s self awareness, awareness of others, or awareness of the world around them.

Some examples of awareness that can be assisted with this blend are:
Do I have full awareness of what is I am doing to avoid making mistakes?
Does the bathroom need to be cleaned?
Am I wearing clothes that match?
Do I watch out for pedestrians while I am driving?
Do I watch out for other drivers while I am driving?
Am I aware of my surroundings?
  While walking in my neighborhood
  While driving in the country

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