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The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

ďEmotional StabilityĒ is a Power Flower Focus Formula (PF3) blend. This remedy can assist when a person feels anxious and/or depressed. This is one of the earlier PF3 remedies and is unique In that it focuses on two issues instead of one. They are very closely related as anxiety many times can lead to depression. This blend covers all aspects of anxiety and depression.

Anxiety is a self-imposed state of uncertainty where the person involved fears an outcome that is either known or unknown to them. In either case it is very real to the person involved. An example of a known anxiety could be when a children attend school for the first time. They are uncertain as what to expect and thus feel very vulnerable. The school is a tangible entity so the anxiety is known. An adult could feel anxiety concerning the possible loss of their job.

An unknown anxiety can be when someone feels a nameless dread of something that they cannot explain to themselves or others. There is nothing to point out and say that this is the reason for the anxiety. This type of anxiety can leave just as suddenly and bewildering as it arrived.

There are also two aspects of depression. It can be a type where a person feels that a situation in their life is so dire that they feel hopeless and do not feel that they can do anything about it. The other is similar to unknown anxiety in that the reason for the depression is unknown to the person involved. An example of a hopeless depression can be where a person has lost their job, has no money and is in danger of losing their place to live. This person may feel that they have no further options and no place to turn to. An unknown depression can be very severe as it has no apparent focal point and comes and goes very mysteriously without any known rhyme or reason. A person who is undergoing this type of depression may be undergoing some sort of adjustment in their life and growth process.

Some expressions of this condition can be:
I donít want to go to school, mommy
The boogeyman will get me with the lights out
Iím at risk of losing my job
I just canít seem to shake this feeling of dread
I just donít know what to do
Why am I so depressed?

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