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The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

“Embracing Infinite Possibilities" is a Power Flower Focus Formula (PF3) blend. This remedy deals with all aspects of trust. It contains forty-one flower essences from several different flower essence companies. The philosophy behind each PF3 blend is that many flower essences can be included in a blend as long as they focus on the specific reason for its existence. The names of each blend may be catchy. However, they are a powerful way of containing the essence of each blend, if you believe that there is power in words.

Embracing Infinite Possibilities deals with trust: trusting yourself, trusting others, and trusting the Universe. When a person trusts on all levels, he or she embraces infinite possibilities. The person is now open to receiving all good things in their life.

A person who trusts themselves can be successful in their endeavors. A person who trusts others can have meaningful relationships. A person who trusts the Universe has faith that all around them is right. This can be on a spiritual level, regardless of the person’s belief systems.

Some expressions of this condition can be:
“I trust myself to successfully accomplish this task.”
“I trust you to be a loyal friend.”
“I trust that I am always being protected.”

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