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The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

“Creating the Power Within” is a Power Flower Focus Formula (PF3) blend. This remedy deals with instances where inner turmoil and frustration can build to an intensely critical point. During times such as these, those involved generally are reacting instead of responding and this can lead to self-defeating choices. It contains many flower essences from several different flower essence companies.

This blend has been designed to assist people who are experiencing a critical level of frustration. This may have been building for some time until it reaches the “boiling point." Clear-headed thinking may be very challenging when this point is reached. Actions taken at this point can be self-defeating or even damaging to those involved on one or more of the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels.

This blend allows those who are in this “explosive” state to back down into a more calm state where more clear-headed thinking will allow those involved to reassess any words or actions that had been contemplated, and allow for more life-affirming choices to be made.

Some expressions of this condition can be:
Having intense thoughts of ending a friendship
Having intense thoughts of ending a relationship
Having intense thoughts of quitting a job
Having intense thoughts of physically hurting someone
Having intense thoughts of getting a weapon
Having intense thoughts of murder

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