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The Power Flower Focus Formulas - PF3

"Abundance Abounds" is a Power Flower Focus Formula (PF3) blend. This remedy can assist when a person feels that there is a lack in their life. Based on the name of this PF3, many would assume that it relates to wealth and money. This remedy deals with the feeling of lack on a far greater scope. The philosophy behind each PF3 blend is that many flower essences can be included in a blend as long as they focus on the specific reason for its existence.

Let's start with money. Many people feel that they do not have enough money in order to live the life that they want to live. They constantly worry that they do not have enough of it and that is what they focus on. The glass is half empty. They are focusing on what they do not have so that is what they get, instead of focusing on what they have and what they want to bring into their lives. This energy that they are generating through their thoughts and intentions is going in a very disempowering direction. We are all very powerful in bringing to us the things that we focus on. Unfortunately, the things that we focus on the most seem to be what we don't want or are afraid of having happen to us.

Money is just one of many things that people desire and may feel a lack of in their lives, and thus focus on its lack. People may desire a more desirable career, more and better friends, a nice place to live, or to be happier and more at peace with themselves.

This remedy can assist people to be more energetically open to abundance of all kinds and types. It also helps them to have a more positive perspective and intent so that they can focus on having a greater abundance of things in their lives.

Some expressions of this condition can be:

Why don't I have enough money to pay my bills?
I don't like what I'm doing at work
I'm lonely and wish I had some friends
I don't like where I'm currently living
I wish I could be happier in my life

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